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Singing lessons
in Charente

Hello and welcome to you.


If you are here, you have good reasons!

Perhaps you are looking for advice, a course, a teacher.

Perhaps you have heard of me as a singer, conductor or voice teacher.

Perhaps you yourself are a singer, amateur chorister, conductor, or simply curious!


Thank you for your visit. 

Now let's talk about you.

Why should you learn to use your voice? The voice is an instrument in its own right and it is essential to learn how to use it.

Do you think that it is possible to play the violin or the piano without having learned and worked? I am here to help you dominate this sometimes capricious instrument which can be ruthless if you abuse it.


Indeed, if the physiology is not respected, that your voice is not calm, that your breath does not work correctly, that you do not use your resonators, that you push, that you are tense, then, this voice can play tricks on you and go so far as to deprive you of all pleasure of exercising your passion, you will enter the infernal cycle of forcing. Do not fall into the trap of herbal teas and other grandmother's remedies, what you swallow fortunately goes through the esophagus, not through the trachea! Lucky for you !! Only the right voice gesture will set you free. Perhaps you have fallen into the infernal cycle of ENT who will not find anything on your vocal cords, because the problem is functional and not physical.

Know that the broken voice does not exist and that apart from some serious dysphonias, the simple fact of having some notions of vocal technique will be enough to make you find the smile and the full use of your voice, provided of course, to work at least 5 minutes a day. Of course, the construction of an accomplished singer takes years, but already, at the amateur level, a few notions are enough.  


The big mistake not to do !! ".... I am not a professional, this site is not for me ...." Between a Rolls and a Clio, the basic operating principle is the same. But do you think that, because you drive a Clio, your car must be badly adjusted, get dirty, and consume 20 liters per 100 kilometers? Of course not. So, if your life path leads you to use your voice more intensively than for everyday conversation, then you must know how to use it !!!

Classes are given in Chalais, in the South Charente, 50 kilometers south of Angoulême and 80 kilometers north of Bordeaux. Chalais at his station.  


I also do vocal technique seminars for choirs or voice professionals, throughout France, on weekends, or for a day, if it's not too far!

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