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My Charter

If it's impossible to come to the course, I ask you to let me know beforehand. Not to do so, without a reason, is unspeakably rude. In this case, the course will be automatically due. In case of recurrence, always without reason, the pupil will be definitively excluded.

For the first lessons, I ask you to come with a tape recorder, in order to record. I invite you to record your lessons, at least from time to time, in order to check your progress.

I thank you in advance for respecting the schedules and not, if possible, to arrive late for your lessons, you pay for one hour. The others being on time, they will be picked up on time, and your time will be reduced.

I am committed to helping you progress, in joy and good humor, whether you are a professional or an amateur, if you work a little anyway!

The first meeting aims to see where you are, your skills, the characteristics of your voice.


However, I reserve the right to not be able to take the student in the event of a problem that I could not or could solve. 

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