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Internships are organized from time to time. They take place at my home, La Maison Neuve, 16210 Bardenac. Two possibilities: Either the logistics are organized by me, and in this case, it will take 30 euros full board per person. Either, the food is bought directly by the students (setting up a common currency gate), and in this case, only 10 euros will be counted. There are no individual solutions, the solution chosen will be for the group.  

Sleeping is distributed between the available rooms and tents. Daily work is divided into two stages. In the morning, technical only, in the afternoon, application to the songs, with the vocal coach. 

The price of the courses is 100 euros per day and per person, in the case of logistics organized by us, and 80 in the case of logistics organized by the students. Be careful, there will be no lazy people, everyone will get their hands dirty in this case.  

There is a train station, in chalais, direct from Bordeaux and Angouleme. The students are also free to choose a bed and breakfast or a hotel in the region, which is not what is lacking. Chalais is a town with everything, including a supermarket. Chalais is a 10 minute drive away. Internships will be really active after the covid crisis. 

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